Case Study: Creating a Strategy that Leads to the Next Generation of Product Development

Executive Summary

This case study details how Improving Processes guided a mid-sized food services organization (referred to as “the Company”) in crafting a forward-thinking strategy for their product development. Faced with challenges in product line prioritization and financial impact assessment, our intervention was pivotal in shaping a strategy that not only addressed current market needs but also paved the way for future innovation.


The Company, while having a diverse array of food products, lacked a coherent strategy for product development. This resulted in scattered resource allocation and a failure to capitalize on emerging market trends. A strategic overhaul was needed to focus on profitable and market-responsive product development.


The Company encountered several key challenges:

  • Difficulty in identifying and prioritizing potential product lines for development.
  • Limited understanding of the financial implications of various product initiatives.
  • Aligning product development strategy with long-term business goals.


Our approach at Improving Processes included:

  • Strategic Market Analysis: Conducting a comprehensive market analysis to identify promising areas for product development.
  • Financial Modeling: Building detailed financial models to project the potential impact of new product lines.
  • Strategic Development Workshops: Leading workshops with key stakeholders to align product development strategies with broader business objectives.


The strategic initiative led to significant outcomes:

  • Identification and prioritization of key product lines that align with market trends and business objectives.
  • A clear understanding of the financial implications of new product initiatives, aiding in strategic investment decisions.
  • A roadmap for future product development, positioning the Company as a leader in innovation within the food services industry.


The strategic reorientation in product development marked a turning point for the Company. By focusing on market-responsive and financially viable product lines, the Company is now well-positioned to lead the next generation of product innovation in the food services sector. This case study underscores the importance of a strategic approach in product development to achieve long-term business success.